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What do you think of when you hear someone is a REALTOR?

What do you think of when you hear someone is a REALTOR? Some may think, great, all they do is talk about houses. Some may share their horrible experiences and advise you to never trust them.

Others, give praise to that one REALTOR who offered the best experience in homeownership and are completely loyal to their business. Wherever you sit with a REALTOR, take comfort in knowing this is a judgment free zone. We hope you take away something more than real estate mumble jumble. Yes, the author of this blog is a REALTOR, but she is so much more. She is a fun loving person and takes pride in helping people find houses. It’s one of her greatest passions and she's darn good at it too! Read on to find out all about this REALTOR.

Kim Parker goes by KP. She is a Broker and business owner for Turn-Key Realty. Affiliated with RE/MAX Southern Coast, KP is able to serve her clients with a respectable brand. She earned her North Carolina Real Estate license in 2004, then became a Broker in 2005. She couldn't tell you how many houses she sold or what her numbers look like, but she can always go into great detail about the experiences she’s had with people, the relationships built, how she felt, and things she’s learned along the way. She can dive right into advising and preparing her clients for situational outcomes. KP’s a bulldog when it comes to her negotiation skills, and an even better advocate for protecting her clients.

KP has had several jobs. She started working at 13 in the tobacco fields, and has done everything from waitressing to playing a clown to being a cosmetologist and the most important, MOM. Although these jobs all seem all over the board, they all had something to teach. Working in the fields taught hard work. Waitressing taught customer service and also how you can make people feel belittled by how you speak/treat them. Clowning taught how to work hard and have fun at the same time. Cosmetology taught that whereas beauty comes from within, a little pampering and conversation can make all the difference in someone's day. Being a MOM has taught patience. No matter how trivial the job seemed, they all helped create the person she is today. She thanks GOD everyday for the family and opportunities she has been given.

KP is family oriented, with two children and a supportive husband. They’re often having family game nights, watching movies, or just hanging around sharing stories, telling funny jokes, or bantering back and forth with current events. When she is not juggling family and work life, KP enjoys reading mystery & thriller novels, shopping local boutiques, and exploring new and exciting places. Her favorite downtime is relaxing on her back porch while catching up with friends and family after a hard day at work.

We hope you find her blog interesting, exciting, and full of information. Most of all we hope you enjoy a chuckle or two from her creativity and experiences within her field. Sometimes her blog will be made up of tips in the real estate industry and how to prepare to buy or sell your home. Oftentimes, you’ll go on the journey she has in this business and she’ll sprinkle a bit of her authentic home life. She will always include events within the surrounding area and random fun facts she finds funny or interesting.

Now that we’ve completed a brief introduction about KP, let's get into some fun upcoming Events in the area!

  • Southport Summer Market- Franklin Square Park- Wednesdays 9am-2pm

  • Southport Summer Concert Series- Franklin Square Park- Thursdays 6pm-8pm

  • Memorial Day Weekend Celebration- Bald Head Island- May 28th- May 30th

From KP: Did you know Eastern North Carolina has legless lizards? Why aren’t they just snakes? I have joined NEXTDOOR and if you aren’t a member in your area–you should be! I have learned all sorts of stuff–don’t worry I will share more. And I’m not sure if you are as nosey as I am, but when I saw the post asking what type of snake was in the picture and then read the response of legless lizard–I had to know more.

Well, apparently legless lizards are just that- lizards that adapted overtime to be without legs. You know, evolution. They're mostly tail, can blink, have ears, and I swear they move ten times faster than a snake. I haven’t encountered one that I know of–BUT I absolutely GOOGLED to find out these cool facts.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Amy Thebault. She is an interior designer within our area. She brings fun loving energy to the industry. Don’t forget to check out her work at Be sure to give her a call to give your space a creative and aesthetically pleasing new look.

On a final note: Happy Memorial Day weekend! Let's Remember and Honor Our Heroes!

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